As stay-at-home orders are relaxed, families, especially those with young children, are venturing outside for a dose of sunshine.

One way to get outside for exercise and fun is to cycle – a low-impact workout that burns calories, builds muscle and relieves stress. 

“My children have been cycling since they were 3 or 4 years old. The kids love the outdoors, and have the same yearning that I do for it,” says Angie Raines, who has been cycling with her children in the Upper Valley for six years.

They usually ride up to six miles – and sometimes more. 

“For me, nothing has changed. My family has always been active,” Raines says. Her daughter Chloe, 8, runs track, and son Alex, 6, has been begging to ride without training wheels. “If you start the kids active when they are young, they’ll want to do this throughout their life.”  

Raines has missed training for duathlons and triathlons, so she teamed up with her family for the Race El Paso Virtual Mission Valley Duathlon in May. The race encouraged people to get creative and walk on their own time, on their own course, on a treadmill, trainer or stationary bike and record their times.

Joseph Parker, another avid cycler, is enjoying riding with his girlfriend Rosa Bañuelos, her 12-year-old son, Bryan, and pulling her 5-year-old daughter, Allyson, on a bike trailer.

“It’s challenging because we can’t go 20 miles on our bicycles because the kids are too young to keep up,” says Parker, an ambassador for Race El Paso. “But even with its challenges, it keeps us from being cooped up.”

Kids’ Bike Wheel Sizes

Don’t buy a bike for a kid to grow into. Find used bikes online, at pawn or bike shops and among friends. If you opt to buy a new bike, remember that they hold resale value well. Make sure the child can reach handlebars, stand astride the frame with both feet flat on the ground without touching the top tube, and can operate brake levers.

Keep in mind bikes at the low end of price spectrum are often the heaviest and harder to handle.

Age Min. HeightWheel Size 
2+2-foot-8 12 inches/ balance bike 
3+3-foot-314 inches 
4+ 3-foot-5 16 inches 
5+ 3-foot-8 18 inches 
6+ 3-foot-11 20 inches 
8+ 4-foot-2 24 inches 
10+ 4-foot-7 26 inches 

– Sources: BikeRadar / Cycling Weekly /


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