Millions of Americans who get monthly Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits need help managing their money and may need a representative payee.  

A representative payee is a person or an organization we appoint to receive the benefits for beneficiaries who can’t manage them or direct their management.

Representative payees must know the beneficiary’s needs to decide the best use of benefits for care and well-being. 

To help with this responsibility, representative payees can now get, save, email and print a benefit verification letter for the person they represent using their own my Social Security account at  

There is no need to visit or call a field office.  

Many representative payees are also responsible for completing an annual form to account for the benefit payments received.  

To complete this process, representative payees can either fill out the form and return it to Social Security or can file the report online at  

It is important to know that a state Protection and Advocacy agency may contact the representative payee to review the receipts and records of income and expenses.

Beware of Scammers

We want to remind Medicare beneficiaries to be vigilant and take precautions to avoid falling victim to healthcare fraud during this COVID-19 pandemic.  

Scammers may try to steal your Medicare number, banking information, or other personal data. 

Protect yourself by only giving your Medicare number to your doctor, pharmacist, hospital, health insurer or other trusted healthcare provider.

If someone calls you on the phone, saying they’re from Medicare, and asks for your Medicare number or other personal information – just hang up.  Medicare representatives will never:

• Call beneficiaries to ask for or to “verify” Medicare numbers.

• Call to sell you anything.

• Visit you at your home.

• Call you to enroll you in a Medicare program over the phone, unless you called us first.

If you suspect fraud, call 1-800-633-4227. 


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