The secret to fitness in the New Year?

“I think people do too much, too fast. They see fitness as a short-term goal. It should be a lifestyle,” said Edith Peregrino, who coaches an all-women’s FemmeFit program at Elev8 Gym on the city’s Eastside.

“You shouldn’t overdo exercise, and you should eat better and healthier – whole, real foods.”

Fitness and weight loss should be two- to four-year goals, after which they become a lifestyle, she said. 

Peregrino, 34, trained in Crossfit before starting to coach FemmeFit – a mix of CrossFit, strength and cardio – in 2012. A high-intensity, core-focused program created for women by women, FemmeFit includes resistance training with medicine balls, dumbbells and kettle bells.

FemmeFit and CrossFit may not be for everyone, but Peregrino said fitness success starts with a state of mind.

“Having a positive and open mind while committing to a new lifestyle is key,” she said.

We talked to area fitness experts to help you find an exercise program that's right for you. Look for more in future issues of El Paso Inc. Magazine.



Best for endurance, strength, balance and flexibility for everyday life 

The workouts require little or no weights; equipment ranges from 25 to 140 pounds; and includes dumbells and jump rope; most routines can be done at home. 

Recommended for help with weight loss and improve flexibility; teenagers to mid-60s;

Not recommended for: (health issues/injuries/etc) Safety is the main priority for Elev8. All participants are asked to fill out a questionnaire about their health and fitness levels prior to beginning workout regiment.

Frequency: People work out at their own pace; three to five times a week

Where to go: Elev8, 11160 Rojas, 915-591-6000; Crossfit 915, 6430 Doniphan, 915-345-2901



Best for endurance, toning, strength, balance and mental agility.

Boxing is typically practiced in two different forms, boxing for personal training and exercise or competitive boxing against an opponent.

Recommended for people wishing to lose weight, build muscle and improve stamina and discipline.

Not recommended for people prone to hand injuries or dislocation of fingers and other bones.

Frequency: 1 hour, 3 times per week for beginners; 2 hours 5 times a week for intermediate; and up to 3 hours daily for experts.

Where to go: 9Round Fitness, 145 E. Sunset, B100, 915-584-2400; PUSH Fitness and Athletic Training, 6440 Gateway Blvd. East, Bldg. B, 915-203-8122; Borderland Brawlers Boxing Club, 209 Texas, 915-626-8682



Best for endurance, strength, balance, flexibility

Swimming builds cardiovascular strength, keeping up your heart rate with low impact on your joints and body. Plus there’s fewer people at the pools during winter months, so it’s a great time to get started.

Recommended for losing weight, improving muscle strength and flexibility, toning

Not recommended for people who are prone to chronic digestive issues.

Frequency: 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week for beginners; 60 minutes (reach for 200 yards), 5-7 times a week for intermediate; 1 hour (up to 1,000 yards) up to 9 times a week for advanced/expert level

Where to go: Most area YMCAS and YWCAs, as well as the city, offer swimming lessons and open/recreational swimming at their indoor pools.

Check out the Westside Natatorium, 650 Wallenberg, 915-212-0458;  Bowling Family YMCA, 5509 Will Ruth, 915-755-9622; and YWCA Shirley Leavell Branch, 10712 Sam Snead, 915-519-0033, among others.


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