In Texas, western boots are not just footwear – they’re a lifestyle.

And in the borderland – considered the boot capital of the world – there’s no better time to outfit your feet with the staple look than fall.

If you plan on enjoying koozie drinks with friends during the day and still want to two-step to your favorite band at night, you’re going to want a pair that will look and feel great for both.

Luckily, stores such as Cowtown Boots and Starr Western Wear offer a wide selection of popular boots and accessories to up your cowboy – or cowgirl – game. 

Or, go with personalized, custom boots from any one of more than a dozen borderland boot makers, including Alex Boots, Lucchesse, Rocketbuster Boots or Justin/Tony Lama.

"Our boots are like pieces of jewelry, people want original, one-of-a-kind show stoppers," said Rocketbuster Boots owner Nevena Christi, who also designs the custom, handmade boots.

"You put your stamp on them with what you want, and we put our stamp and name on them as artists and  bootmakers."

Get the Right Gear: Accessorize

So now that you’re ready to take your boots for a spin – whether it be at the area corn mazes, country music festivals or the corner nightclub – here are some essential accessories to top off your look.

Belts, conchos If you’re the kind who likes to follow tradition, belts are a must. Brandon Canaba from Cowtown Boots suggests coordinating belt colors with your boots, but says that’s not always the rule. Belts with conchos – metal decorative disks – make for an added Western flair. 

Denim, diamonds optionalA great-fitting pair of denim jeans will always be in style. In fact, our friends at Starr Western Wear said ladies especially love choosing styles that involve bold stitching and rhinestones on the back pockets.

Starr Western Wear: Miss Me jeans

(most popular style) $79-$99

Cowtown Boots belts: $15-$80

Hats to top it offYour look is not complete without a cowboy hat to top it off. If you’re hanging out from day to night, straw hats are a popular option as they keep your head cool. Famous country singers such as George Straight and Jason Aldean have come out with their own collection of hats, which you can find at Cowtown Boots. 

Cowtown Boots hats: $28-$105


Tips and Tricks to Know 

Finding your sole mate: Find a pair with leather soles if you plan on dancing the night away. 

Clean, condition, repeat: If you are investing in a good pair of boots that you’d like to sport for many wears, it’s smart to also buy a leather conditioner to keep your boots in pristine condition. 

Mind your toes: While the square vs pointed toe is truly a matter of preference, consider the shape of your feet when selecting a boot. If you have a wide set foot, a square-toed boot might work out better.

Break ‘em in: Your brand-new pair may not be ready for wear straight out of the box so try breaking them in first so they can be best shaped to your foot or take them to your local boot retailer and they can stretch them for you. 

To embellish or not to embellish: Men’s boot styles range from various selection of animal skin, but for the most part, subtle designs are their most popular option. As for the ladies there are an array of color, print and bedazzlement to choose from, so go with the look that speaks to your style most.


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