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When it comes to developing exceptional civic leaders to make a lasting impact in the community, the Junior League of El Paso is unparalleled.

Love My Ride

Once promoted by its maker as “the finest fire apparatus in the world,” the showcase piece of the El Paso Fire Department has been grounded this year.

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Books are traditionally among the most popular and convenient “go-to” gifts for the holidays. Selecting the right books, however, can be a challenge, especially if you have friends and family with different interests. Books, after all, are not a one-size-fits-all gift. If your shopping list …

Short Story

    The following excerpt is from the book, “Voices of La Lydia: The History of the Lydia Patterson Institute,” written by Adair Margo and with portraits by Gaspar Enriquez. Affectionately called 'La Lydia' by her students, Lydia Patterson Institute is a Methodist mission school located a few bl…

    Artist Spotlight

      The Butterfly.This butterfly mural by Jesus 'Cimi' Alvarado at Tays and Delta streets represents migration and was inspired by a Holocaust-era poem by Pavel Friedman. The piece was completed ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to El Paso in 2019 as a protest against the migrant detention…

      tamalada time

      el paso strong

        Hundreds of families in our community have lost loved ones to COVID-19, which has had a merciless toll across our nation and around the world.

        the star city

        The El Paso Star on the Mountain adorns the city’s natural landmark and brands the region with courage, pride and hope.

        Stress & coping

        Streetcar Talk

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        At just 12 years old, Bernie Olivas had his first job as the official scorer for a church softball league – getting paid $1 per game and jump starting his storied career.

        Second Act


        Wreaths were first created in the 16th century as a way to make use of the greenery left after pruning a Christmas tree.


          You may think that there’s little gardening needed during the cooler winter months, but there’s plenty to do to get your plants, grasses and trees ready for their spring rebirth.

          Beyond The Bottle



          Social Security


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