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These days, we are all too busy with work, family and heaven know what else. Taking care of ourselves falls off the to-do list. So I asked my colleagues what they do to lower stress levels, focus on their own well-being and just have fun.


A practice that began in India about 3,000 years ago is exploding throughout the El Paso area. Yoga classes and studios can be found from the Westside to the booming Far East. It’s not just about wearing the comfortable, trendy pants. It also involves breathing and posing to get the maximum …

Wondering how to up your game on the yoga mat, or even to get started? The right accessories may help you feel motivated. We asked Erin Pfirman, a former yoga instructor who is El Paso Inc.’s event sales and marketing manager, for the inside scoop on new products on the market.

Even here in the Southwest, gardeners can impress their family and friends with a garden full of tasty, colorful and winning tomato varieties. Small-fruited ones are perfect for salads and snacking. Larger tomatoes are ideal for slicing, canning and sauces.

Now’s the time to jump into the indoor gardening movement. Filling a home with tropical, succulent and flowering plants provides beauty, extends your garden season, improves air quality and creates a peaceful environment to de-stress.

Dahlias have been a fixture in summer flower gardens for generations, but it’s time to update your idea of dahlias. They come in hundreds of varieties in a fabulous array of colors, shapes and sizes. The more blossoms you pick, the more blooms you’ll get.  Even better, they’re easy to grow a…

El Pasoan of the Year

“For so many of the issues we face as a country, El Paso is the answer.” That’s what Beto O’Rourke told a ballroom packed with more than 600 community and business leaders on Feb. 19 where he was honored as El Paso Inc.’s El Pasoan of the Year for 2018.


In each issue, El Paso Inc. Magazine profiles a local club or civic group that brings people together. To suggest a profile of your group, email We may feature you in a future issue.


Anyone for zaatar? How about harissa or shawarma? Or do you still cook with individual spices like black pepper, cumin, ginger, paprika and turmeric?


A growing number of people both locally and nationally are discovering two of El Paso’s best-kept secrets and greatest cultural assets – its rich literary heritage and the vibrancy of our literary community.


It is entirely possible to recharge the batteries, abandon stress, laugh and reconnect with all the good things in just four days of vacation time. We did just that onboard Carnival Cruise Line’s sleek 855-foot Carnival Imagination.

Even if you strive for a sustainable lifestyle at home, it may be tempting to avoid thinking about the effect your travels could have on the environment. No one wants to feel guilty on vacation. But the effects traveling has on the environment are significant.


If you plan to work past 65 and keep the health insurance you have from your job, you’re likely to wonder what you need to do about enrolling in Medicare.

Social Security

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Sometimes it’s confusing to know who to contact and for what. Social Security and Medicare offer related services, so people aren’t always certain who does what. This cheat sheet can help.

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