El Paso, I love you.

You might often read that phrase on social media posts by El Paso Inc. photographer Jorge Salgado as he shares his viewpoint of the Sun City from behind the camera lens.

Salgado recently set out to capture different perspectives of one 915 sunset – a red-orange sky using a drone and another looking up to the sky through some blooming palm trees.

“The view of an aerial photo always draws attention because we are not used to being elevated in that sense,” Salgado said. “The red sky is beautiful and memorable as we approach monsoon season.”

Salgado said the palm tree photo was meant to draw the opposite emotions.

“We look up at sunsets and our feet are touching the ground. The cool blue tones give you a sense of calmness, and it can feel like you’re in front of the palm,” he said.

“Our eyes are attracted to the silhouetted, jagged outline of the palm trees and both feel like home.”

You can see more of his work on Twitter @SalgadoPhoto_ and Instagram @salgadophoto, as well as elpasoinc.com.


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