Whether your family is heading back to class or staying with online learning at home, no doubt lunchtime can be a dread for parents and students tired of PB&J.

El Paso Inc. rounded up a few sub & sandwich shops across the city that can help you out of a rut – many offering a children’s menu if a 12” fast-food sub is not ideal. 

Order a classic with a twist or try something completely new.


Urbano Food Group

7400 Viscount, Ste. LL


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Gilbert Rascon, owner of Urbano Food Group in East El Paso, said the fan favorite at his restaurant is the Primo Sandwich. It includes blackened turkey, smoked bacon and chipotle mayonnaise. It’s best served on white bread. Rascon said he also recommends the Clasico, a traditional ham and Swiss cheese sandwich for the kiddos.

Urbano also offers a vegetarian option with its jardin sandwich.


Brown Bag Deli

4319 Fred Wilson


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The Northeast deli is a favorite among locals and the Fort Bliss community. With more than 30 different types of sandwiches, how could it not be? 

If you’re looking for a classic and affordable deal for the kids, the deli offers a kids meal for $1.99 that includes a 4-inch sub, an 8-ounce drink and a bag of chips and cookie. 

“Kids often like the ham or turkey and cheese. They also enjoy the pizza sub. It includes pepperoni, cheese and heated sauce,” said Bobby Jean Morales from Brown Bag Deli. 

Morales said hot subs are also a favorite, including the hot pastrami, steak and cheese, along with corn beef and pastrami Reuben. The fresh steak is sliced each morning.


The Sandwich Shop

10110 Montwood, Ste. E


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This Eastside eatery is known for its Eastwood Club Sandwich. It includes cold cuts (ham, turkey and bacon), lettuce and tomato and choice of bread and cheese. Another favorite is their BLT. 

Miguel Mora, a former owner of The Sandwich Shop, said he recommends a grilled cheese or ham sandwich for the kids. 

For a different lunch, try the paninis, small Italian sandwiches that are served on ciabatta or michetta bread. They’re usually served warm or toasted. Their most popular sandwiches are the turkey melt, spicy chicken and the chicken salad sandwich.     



1815 Trawood, Ste. A


@Steakpedos on Facebook

Steakpedos offers a $6.47 high school and college special with a school ID. Philly cheesesteaks are $3.69 on Wednesdays. 

One of their kids’ meals includes a grilled cheese sandwich with fries and a drink for $3.99.

Dine-in or order for delivery or curbside pickup. 


Rainbow Fountain

6232 Montana



The centrally located restaurant offers close to 30 different types of tortas made on butter-topped buns and just about any type of meat or veggies you can think of. 

The good news here? The tortas start at $3 each. 

Jessie A. on Yelp said “My go-to torta place. You know you are getting a legit torta on telera bread. I got the Tejana, which is a bistek (beef steak) torta with cheese, avocado, lettuce and tomato.”

Named El Paso Inc.’s Best of the Best Torta in 2019, the eatery has something for every taste – ham, bologna, steak, turkey tail, chicken, brisket and more. Oh, except maybe not PB&J.


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