Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice will play Cool Canyon Nights on July 15. 

Live music is back at the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater each Thursday through Sept. 2 during the 10th anniversary of Cool Canyon Nights.

On July 15, the summer concert series features Soul Sacrifice on the main stage, with The Retroz performing on the patio.

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Soul Sacrifice

The members of Soul Sacrifice have been longtime fans of the music of Carlos Santana.

“Over the years we have always included Santana music in our set list, but now we have the privilege of playing Santana music all night when we play as Soul Sacrifice.”

During Cool Canyon Nights, the band is splitting its set to include its Santana tribute as Soul Sacrifice and finishing the night with a set of soul and classic rock as the Soul El Paso Band.

The group is made up of veterans of the El Paso bar-band scene who have performed extensively in the area and opened for major acts such as Tower of Power and Malo.



What should people expect from a Soul Sacrifice performance? 

This group is five strong (Javier Gardea, lead guitar; Ray Alvarado, keyboards and lead vocals; Charlie Loweree, bass; Chris Gomez, drums; Art Quezada, percussion). 

Although our lead guitarist is obviously the focus of our group, we are brothers that truly enjoy what we are doing. We love playing for the people, from where we draw our energy.

We enjoy every moment that we have playing as a group, and we always have each other’s backs – musically and personally.


What are you looking forward to during your return to McKelligon Canyon?

This venue reminds us that the people of El Paso are true Carlos Santana fans as they show us their love every time that we have played there.

This venue is unlike any other, with the mountains in the background, the stadium style seating and the energy that allows us to put our best foot forward.




How does it feel return to performing in front of live audiences again after COVID-19?

It’s been a tough year and a half, but we still have the desire to come together and perform for our fans. 

We have lost too many loved ones, fellow musicians and friends to this virus, and we hope to see them again when we are called. We dedicate our performance to those that are no longer with us. That nervous energy still comes around every time we perform, but once we hit the stage, all we concentrate on is doing our best to please the crowd.


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