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‘Mexican American Baseball in El Paso,’ by Donovan Lopez

I get emails. Boy, do I get emails.

Following are a couple of requests from old friends:

Brent Hill, former UTEP football player, writes:

“I read your piece about Willie Cager.  This may not be something you would have access to, or, even care about.  But, since you are an El Paso sports historian, I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction.

“That being said, my name is Brent Hill and I played football for the Miners in 1971 and 1972.  I was a freshman in 1971 and left the school after the ’72-73 school year. I was in the last class to have a separate freshman football team.

“We weren’t very good in 1972 and I definitely wasn’t a star by any stretch.  But, I was part of that team.


“ANYWAY, I HAVE been trying to come up with a team photo of the 1972 Miners football team.  I have contacted the UTEP athletic department, the school library and others. 

“But, people either haven’t had the time to look, or, it may not have been archived anywhere.  I’ve just not been able to come up with a picture, or explanation.

“Like I said, I didn’t have a stellar college football career, but, it was a couple years of my life that I don’t have much record of.

“I know you are probably very busy.  But, if you have any idea of who might have this old picture from 1972, I would appreciate being pointed in their direction.  

“Thanks again, Brent Hill.”

His address if anyone can help him: 5701 Trelawney Lane, Austin, TX 78739. His cell phone:  512-925-2650.


TRIVIA QUESTION: How big is an Olympic sized swimming pool in meters? Answer at end of column.


CHARLES SOSA of the Sosa brothers who played for Austin High School in El Paso, writes:

“My name is Charles Sosa, brothers Robert and Luis. We went to Austin High. Robert graduated 1950, Louis in 1954 and I in 1958. We all played baseball and were members of some very good teams. My friend Richard Santillan has written several books of Hispanic Leagues and players from the Amateur Hispanic communities.

“I went to the signing of the book entitled ‘Mexican American Baseball in El Paso.’ 

“It was during this signing that I registered Reverse Discrimination, because he wrote about only Jefferson and Bowie High Schools. There were many Hispanics attending Austin High, and good athletes. I remember reading your articles and we were always mentioned very highly. 

“I remember an article that you wrote in approximately 1956-57, ‘Like older brother, like younger brother,’ about me and my brother Robert. I remember playing against Nolan Richardson and beating Bowie for the District Championship. Coach Nemo Herrera was their coach. Coach Herrera and Richardson are mentioned in this book and Austin High was not.


“SINCE I SPOKE up at this signing, I was asked to do some research and provide information. I have photos of my first Little League Team RUGGLES MOTORS that played at the lower field of Houston Elementary School.

“Could you direct me to some old news clippings and photos from the Herald Post information. I’m an 80-year-old retired LAPD that has coached and played in Mike Brito’s League in Los Angles. Help me please me tell my story of El Paso’s Hispanics that went to Austin.

His address if anyone can help him: Charles Sosa, 13905 Porto Rico Dr., La Puente, CA, 91746, Phone: 714-981-7924 


TRIVIA ANSWER:  50 meters long and 25 meters wide.


Veteran sports journalist, historian and author Ray Sanchez welcomes suggestions for his column, which periodically runs in El Paso Inc.’s B-Section. Contact him at (915) 584-0626; rayf358@yahoo.com or online at raysanchezbooks.com.


Veteran sports journalist, historian & author Ray Sanchez welcomes suggestions for his column. Contact him at 915-584-0626, rayf358@yahoo.com or raysanchezbooks.com.

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