DJ Dave Acosta

Veteran nightclub DJ Dave Acosta shares funny and unforgettable stories from the DJ booth.

The life of nightclub DJ isn’t always fun and games.

Okay, it is, but you also sometimes have to put up with a handful of annoying, rude or intoxicated people who tend to interrupt you right when you’re enjoying yourself and getting the party going. 

As a veteran of El Paso’s nightlife scene, I’ve seen just about everything in the last 15 years – embarrassing falls, a few arguments, dance and fashion trends come and go. Mostly, though, it’s about people out for a good time, mingling and enjoying music and drinks with friends.

But there’s also been some funny moments mixed in there as well, and we DJs love to talk the next day about all the dumb and funny things people do while they are out celebrating the weekend. 

Here are a few I gathered from some friends via social media:


DJ Way One: I was once playing at the Cincinnati Entertainment District and the people who were right in front of me while I’m DJing were putting money in the jukebox. Mind you, this is on a Saturday night!

(Note: This has happened to me before, too, at the same bar. I wasn’t sure if I should take it as an insult to the music I was playing or if the person was just oblivious. I once had someone ask me why the jukebox didn’t work – while I was DJing.)


DJ Joey Funk: Well, I once saw a dude drink (urine). I was DJing at a rave in the desert and one of my friends had to (urinate) but it was really packed all around, so he just turned and peed into a cup and sat down. A few minutes later, some drunk dude drinks it before anyone saw him pick it up. He just mentioned that it was really warm, then just left. Pretty gross. Also, how did he not know it was (urine), bro?


About Tyrese

And perhaps the funniest story comes from a friend who has since retired from the nightlife scene to become a teacher. 

He asked to remain anonymous, so I’ll tell the story second-hand.

Back when they were filming the Transformers movie in New Mexico about 10 years ago, cast-members would come down to El Paso on weekends.

By far the most memorable one was actor Tyrese Gibson – also a singer, songwriter and rapper – who would frequently approach DJs with requests.

One night he tells my friend, “We need to take the club to another level.”

My friend, who had already been approached by Gibson a few weeks, rolls his eyes as request after request bombs with the audience.

Finally, DJ Anonymous says, “You want to go to another level?”

Gibson replied in the affirmative, and my friend drops “La Puerta Negra,” a highly popular Mexican corrida by the norteño group Los Tigres del Norte whose signature accordion sounds are legendary among fans. 

The club erupts. Gibson looks perplexed. DJ Anonymous shrugs. 

I mean, could that be more El Paso than that?


El Paso Inc. contributor Dave Acosta is also a veteran nightclub DJ in the borderland.


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