Good sushi starts with perfect rice.

“You can have the best fish, but if the rice is not right, the sushi isn’t right,” said Sunny’s Sushi owner Sunny Ahn.

Of course, the fish – be it tangy tuna, juicy salmon or any of other variety you’ll find at all of Sunny’s Sushi family-owned locations in El Paso – is still highly important.

“We try every fish we order, and if it’s not good, we don’t put it out, no matter that we’ve already bought it,” Ahn said.

That attention to detail is what led sushi fans to name the original Sunny’s Sushi at 8838 Viscount as Best Sushi in our 2018 Best of the Best voting. That location recently reopened after remodeling its dining area.

And that popularity has also led Ahn and his family to open their fourth location at the Cimarron Square shopping area at North Resler and Paseo del Norte streets on the far Westside.

Walk in to any Sunny’s Sushi for lunch or dinner and you’ll likely be happily greeted by a member of Ahn’s family, who help operate the eateries.

Ahn and his family came to El Paso from Korea in 2008. Opening a restaurant that revolves around fresh fish in the middle of a desert may not seem like the smartest idea.

Ahn said he saw a need for less fried foods and more food with fresh and healthier ingredients.

Soon after arriving to the Sun City, Sunny’s Sushi was born, and word spread quickly that it was one of the only places around serving authentic traditional sushi with the freshest fish – and the best rice.

“We were welcomed by El Paso and that’s why when anyone comes into Sunny’s Sushi, we welcome them to our home,” Ahn said.

“We have so many customers that have been with us since the original location and now the Westside is expanding,” Ahn added.

“We have people who work on this side of town stop by and they are happy they can come visit us here on their lunch break. They no longer have to wait to go back to the other side of town for sushi.”


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