If Dad enjoys a good ol’ fashioned adrenaline rush beyond balancing the remote, the borderland offers an array of “macho”

recreational activities to get his blood circulating. But the fun is not just for Dad – or men – as the whole family can join in some skeet and trap shooting,

axe throwing or paintball fun. Here are three cool things to try with your Dad, friends and family to get the adrenaline flowing. Always remember, safety first!

Throw down at Relaxe

Relaxe, an axe throwing venue which opened in Central El Paso in May, is already hitting its stride in providing the newest pastime in the borderland.

And it’s just as easy as its name implies: Throw axes at wooden targets. Test your aim and your strength. Relieve stress. Have fun with friends.

Julian Huerta, owner of Relaxe, said he has seen people of all backgrounds and ages – from 7 to 65 year olds – come in for some fun.

“The cool thing is, everyone is a brand new thrower in El Paso,” he said. “We pride ourselves in the fact that we get pretty much everyone throwing within a few minutes.”

Huerta first tried axe throwing on a date night in California – and fell in love with it. Knowing El Paso “needed something fun and different to do,” he brought the sport here.

“It is a good stress reliever,” Huerta said. “And something about axe throwing, I always like to say, it brings out some primal instinct that we already have. Something about when you sink an axe into the wood, stick it back into the log in the middle of the lane – there’s just something that feels really good.”

Younger kids can throw with parents present if they are physically able to throw. And there are also giant Jenga games and TVs. Relaxe is also BYOB (beer and wine only) and allows you to bring outside food, so pack up your coolers and get ready to throw down.

Shotgun! Skeet & trap

Enjoy the great outdoors with shotguns in hand at the El Paso Skeet & Trap Club – an ideal outing for Father’s Day and every day.

“Here in El Paso, it’s the family community type of deal,” said facility manager Kyle Bristow, 22. “Everybody brings their families out. It’s a good family atmosphere. They bring their kids. They cook out.”

In skeet and trap shooting, participants use shotguns to attempt to break clay targets that are mechanically flung into the air. In trap shooting, targets launched from a single machine travel away from the shooter; while skeet shooting involves two or more machines launching crossing targets.

Bristow started shooting at a young age, learning from his grandfather.

“I’ve been shooting since I was 7 years old,” he said. “My grandfather brought me out here, and he use to bring a little BB gun for me to shoot while he was shooting trap targets.”

The El Paso Skeet and Trap Club, which has some 200 members, offers grills and a covered patio with picnic tables. The facility also hosts an array of clubs, programs and special events, including the Desert Valley 4H Club.  

Ready, aim – paintball!

Summon your inner Rambo and gather your friends – er, enemies – for a day of paintball.

Where else can you play Special Forces and shoot dye-filled gel capsules at each other while making your way through an obstacle course?

 Most paintball facilities provide all the equipment you need, but call ahead to confirm. Just remember, no matter how much gear you’re wearing, you’ll likely leave with paint on your clothes – even if you have Rambo-like reflexes.

Here are a few places where you can spend the day playing paintball: