5Qs with Bailey Johnson on new album

El Pasoan Brandon Bailey Johnson, 16, has released a new album, ‘It’s All Good – EP.’

He’s the Guinness World Records’ Youngest Professional Music Producer, a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, composer and arranger.

And, oh yeah, Brandon Bailey Johnson is a 16-year-old El Pasoan who gained the Guinness title at the age of 12, when he released his first album, “My Journey.”

Since then, he’s had 10 more releases, including his latest – the cleverly titled “It’s All Good - EP.”

He comes from a family of  musicians, including his  brother, Chance, who plays the cello and his sister, Shelby, who plays violin. The three often perform together.

Johnson is a classically trained musician who began lessons at age 6 and composed his first song later that year.

His latest single and video, “I Won’t Let You Go” is a melodic, uplifting and soulful song about young love.

Here are five questions with the young musician:

Q: What was the inspiration for “It’s All Good - EP”?

The city inspired the title of the album and the title track, “It’s All Good.”

I was born and raised in El Paso. I love my city, its culture and vibe. “It’s All Good - EP” is my way of “playing” my respects to El Paso.

I dedicate this EP to the city that has shown me nothing but love and support.

Q: What was it like shooting the video for “Better Things?” off your last EP “Heaven”?  


It was surreal to see seven different versions of me on the big screen – playing all the instruments, all performing at once.

Q: What is the song about?

The song is about acceptance and being who we really are.

We may not be the “cool kids” or the “popular ones,” but we are all special in our own unique way.

Q: You’re already a veteran musician, what advice do you have for kids our age or younger who want to get started doing music?

Never stop. No matter how many times you are told no – never stop following your dreams.

Learn as many instruments as you can.

Q: What is your favorite place to play in El Paso and why?

The Pizza Joint!

It was the first place I’ve ever performed at 9 years old.

I set my Guinness World Record there – and I love the pizza!


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