For nearly 35 years, the Los Angeles band Mötley Crüe took its brand of hedonistic and decadent rock ‘n’ roll to some of the biggest stages in the world. While the band has continued to record and release songs digitally, it officially retired from touring in 2015.

But never fear, Crüe fans – lead singer Vince Neil is still performing live and spreading the Mötley gospel. 

Neil heads to the El Paso County Coliseum on June 15. 

You may have watched the Netlix biopic “The Dirt,” which focused on the band’s career, its debauched rise and drug- and alcohol-fueled fall (or read the biography it was adapted from), but here are three things you may not know about Neil:

Carrying on tradition

Neil is proud to be the only member of the band currently waving the flag for Mötley Crüe fans on the road. 

“It’s a cool thing, because I love Mötley Crüe, I love Mötley Crüe’s music, and I love singing, and I love the fans’ reactions when they hear the songs,” he told in May. 

“Whether we’re playing in front of a thousand people or 20,000 people, I can only see the front row anyway. So I’m happy for me and for the fans to be able to still hear that music after Mötley Crüe is finished.”

Overcoming tragedy

While the movie “The Dirt” does contain scenes detailing the tragic death of Neil’s 4-year-old daughter due to cancer in 1995, it doesn’t recount how he overcame the tragedy. During her months long battle with cancer and after her death, Neil turned to “pills, alcohol, women and golf,” he said in the band’s biography. 

Rather than rehab, Neil underwent grief counseling following a realization on the golf course that he needed a more productive way to get past his daughter’s death.

Neil set up the Skylar Neil Foundation to raise funds for children with cancer; to date it’s generated millions of dollars to help with treatment and research.

During the time of Skylar’s sickness and death, Neil was at odds with his Crüe bandmates, and the tragedy also helped them settle their differences and reunite the band.

Netflix nerves

While Neil told the online European fanzine Kaoos TV that he was nervous the film adaptation of “The Dirt” would be a “low-budget” affair due to years of stalled production and its final home on Netflix, he was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

One thing he wasn’t nervous about was having Australian actor Daniel Webber portray his younger self, he went on. In fact, it was just the opposite.

“It was actually the guy that played me who was nervous,” Neil said. “He wanted to make sure he did a really good job. And he did. I think each guy that played each of the band members pulled it off — I mean, exact. You get everybody’s personalities right there on film. It’s pretty neat to watch.”