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Don’t forget to look in your own closet for forgotten items you can bring back into your wardrobe, and always accessorize for that final touch.


Cheers to a new decade!

The new year brings a new set of possibilities and, of course, resolutions.

While January refreshes our desire to be our best self, we’d also like to add some fashion resolutions to the mix. This year, we vow to be more fashion savvy because when you look good, you feel great.

Making a style resolution can be as simple as tweaking a minor step in your everyday routine. Here are some fashion tips and tricks you can make into a habit this year.

• Shop your closet

Yes, we’ve all suffered from the “I have nothing to wear!” dilemma. The truth is most of us have plenty of items to choose from but just don’t take the time to look through it. We bet you’d be surprised to find some cute items you forgot you had.

Refreshing your look can be as simple as organizing the section of clothes in your closet that never sees the light of day. Set some time aside this month to go through your wardrobe and mix some older pieces with your everyday options. If you find clothes that are faded, pilled or have lost their shape, this is also a good time to donate them.

• Plan to accessorize

Sometimes the morning rush gets the best of us, and we don’t have time to accessorize. While this may seem like a minor step, you’d be surprised at how much a pair of statement earrings or a jeweled headband can amp up your #ootd (outfit of the day).

We challenge you to prep your accessories with your outfit the night before. Not only will you feel extra chic and put-together, but you will also feel extra confident to conquer your day with style.

• Experiment with trends

When shopping for new clothes we usually try to invest in pieces that are practical and ensure numerous uses. Yes, playing it safe can help us avoid any fashion mishaps, but opting for the same type of black pant or button-down shirt can be a bit boring.

We encourage you to step out of your fashion comfort zone, even if you try only a couple of new trends. Our 2020 fashion predictions include polka dots, pleats and puffy sleeves.

• Take care of your goods

Throughout the year you most likely spend a good chunk of change on new pieces for your wardrobe, but you might not be taking the extra steps to care for them.

We know it is a tedious task to take your clothes to get tailored or dry-cleaned but we promise it’s a necessary step to make your favorite items last.


Ella Blu Boutique specializes in contemporary and designer fashion, including gowns, accessories and daywear. Find them at ellabluboutique.com. Their fashion tips appear in the B Section and online at elpasoinc.com every month.


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