From boxcars to cinderblocks to adobe, walls offer a blank canvass for artists looking to express themselves. Read more

Families trickled into the Fort Bliss National Cemetery on Memorial Day May 25 to honor the men and women who died serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The traditional ceremonies, including placing of American flags by the Boy Scouts, were canceled over the COVID-19 pandemic this year. Read more

JFK. LBJ. William Howard Taft, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. They are just some of the U.S. presidents who have visited El Paso, for national, international and political reasons. And when you add in presidents from other countries, the list gets even longer. Read more

Featured Borderland Artists

What started as a hobby – and a way to share her passion for her favorite band with fellow fans – has turned into a dream come true for El Paso singer-songwriter Emily Davis and her bandmates.

Sha’Vonne has been a fixture in the local music scene for several years – performing at Cool Canyon Nights, Alfresco! Fridays – and everything in between.

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