In this emotional equivalent to an ultra marathon, it’s key to have some stress-reducing strategies available that work quickly and efficiently to help you hit the reset button.

Whether you are hunched over a laptop in a makeshift workspace or slouched on the couch binge-watching TV, you know — and can feel — that sitting for long periods can sabotage your health. 

After the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was postponed and South by Southwest canceled, the concert industry — which is an all-important source of income for artists in the streaming era — is reckoning with what could be still more …

Are you wishing you could make it through this holiday season without ruining the progress you’ve made on your health? Or maybe you just don’t want to get deeper in the hole before you start your New Year’s resolution.

Despite fears that dementia rates were going to explode as the population grows older and fatter, and has more diabetes and high blood pressure, a large nationally representative survey has found the reverse.

SAN FRANCISCO – Voters in California, Massachusetts and Nevada legalized recreational marijuana use Tuesday in what advocates said reflected the country’s changing attitude toward the drug.

You don’t need to strap a fancy Fitbit or Apple Watch around your wrist to get fit. All you need is your phone and the right apps to track exercise sessions, get motivated or take tips on what exercises to do to achieve your health goals.

Nearly everything you have been told about the food you eat and the exercise you do and their effects on your health should be met with a raised eyebrow.

Over the past few years, high deductible health plans, called HDHPs, have been offered by employers at an increasing rate. You may have even signed up for one yourself, attracted by the low monthly premium.

Gym shirts made of Kevlar. Underpants featuring “anti-odor technology.” No-sweat briefs. Lycra made of corn. And exercise shorts designed with Cordura, a rugged material most often associated with things like car seats and luggage.

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