As warmth and greenery return to the borderland, the most delicious part of winter’s end is upon us: Girl Scout cookie season.

It’s practically impossible to resist the Girl Scout Cookie; it doesn’t matter if you’re an Alaskan crab fisherman or Grace Slick.

We get so caught up in enjoying cookies, however, that we tend to take for granted how much good the Girl Scout program does, how much the girls learn about life skills and how buying those cookies helps local Girl Scout troops get everything done.

El Paso Inc. spoke to Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest spokeswoman Ileana Martinez about the importance of the Girl Scout cookie program. Cookie sales end on March 8.

“The girls are the CEO’s of their own businesses. They learn business ethics, people skills, how to run their own inventory and money management. They get their first glimpse of the skills that they will use later in life through the cookie program,” Martinez says smiling.

“Our girls are just amazing. Last year was the third consecutive year where GSDSW ranked No. 1 in the nation in per girl average sales with each Girl Scout in the council selling an average of 452 boxes.”

However, selling cookies isn’t the only thing Girl Scouts do.

“We offer a tremendous variety of programs, so the girls get a glimpse of the outdoors, entrepreneurship, and STEM in order for them to grow to become well-rounded women. There’s always room for whatever they want to do in life.”

Eight-year old Girl Scout Grace Haase recalls camping at the McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis

“We looked through the telescope and saw the moon and stars and planets, which I loved,” Grace said while selling cookies alongside her mother, Brigitte Hasse.

Money made from cookie sales is used by the troops for various activities.

“Meetings, adventures like camping trips; we don’t really pay out of pocket. The girls use the money off the cookie sales and they’re able to go and do those activities,” mom Brigitte said. “One Girl Scout troop is in the process of raising money to visit Costa Rica.”

“I wanna go to Costa Rica!” Grace excitedly chimed in, then  asked, “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”