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Fred J. Morton passed away on May 26, 2020. 

Alifelong aspiring artist, Fred – known as “Pito” by many – enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a lawyer, beginning with his service as the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas when, in 1964, he secured a guilty verdict in the infamous Billy Sol Estes case.

Pito ultimately settled into private practice, where he often provided his services pro bono to clients in need. 

He served in numerous civic organizations dedicated to improving life in his beloved hometown of El Paso and was proud of his work as President of the El Paso Bar Association that included establishing the Public Defender and Jail Magistrate offices in El Paso.

More recently, he helped rename the United States courthouse in El Paso after former mayor, U.S. congressman, federal judge and mentor, R.E. Thomason.

A generous soul and a creature of habit, he could always be counted on for a Saturday lunch invite to Kiki’s.

He was preceded in death by his father, R.A.D. Morton, also an El Paso attorney; and his mother, Juliane M. Morton, a teacher in the city’s Catholic schools.

He is survived by A. Adele Reynolds Morton, his wife of 58 years and the mother of his eight children: Chris M. (Tina) Morton, Anne M. James, John R. (Monica) Morton, Robert D. (Marion A. Casserberg) Morton, Peter F. (Shannon) Morton, Mary Virginia (Andrew) Creighton, Thomas M. (Lucy) Morton, and Mary Katherine (Josh) Woods.

He is also survived by 21 grandchildren: Mary Margaret Morton, John R. Morton, Jr., R. Byrne James, IV, Riley N. Smith, Hallie A. Morton, Megan A. James, Matthew P. Morton, Hazel K. Creighton, Julianne H. Morton, Mikaela C. Morton, Kathryn Georgia Morton, Ella V. Creighton, Caden H. Morton, Henry A. Creighton, Sydney F. Morton, Bo D. Morton, Eloise H. Morton, Rose D. Morton, Hayden M. Woods, Cecile D. Morton, Avery G. Woods; and his brother, R.A.D. Morton, Jr. (Elizabeth Anthony). 

In lieu of flowers, please donate to the El Paso Center for Children or El Paso County Historical Society.


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