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Social Ice

Social Ice owners Adan and Roxie Martinez began making desserts when they lived in East Texas, opening up a business there before moving to El Paso in 2017. Here, they opened a brick-and-mortar eatery on the Eastside but converted to a food truck last year due to declining business during the pandemic.

“We feel having the highest quality nondairy ice cream along with freshly fried (desserts) makes for the best desserts in town. All of our ingredients are different from others – from our chamoy and Lucas to the care we put into building every funnel cake,” Adan said.

“We are just huge fans of sweets and always enjoyed making things that bring people together and seeing them smile,” he said.

Aside from desserts, the couple is out to change the image that there’s nothing to do in El Paso.

“Rather than complain about it, we decided to add to the growing local scene,” Adan said.

Planted Earth

During her time as a high school art teacher, Mandy Castillo sold meal preps on the side. Eventually she quit her day job and started her own small business: Planted Earth.

The food truck specializes in plant-based foods, including smoothies and acai bowls topped with fruit or home- made granola.

“All packaging materials are plant based, too,” she said. “Planted Earth
uses 100% biodegradable straws and spoons, along with eco-friendly bowls.”

Castillo also caters private events and sets up at community events across the borderland. “We believe that everyone should have access to delicious and healthy options, so we partner with local businesses and provide pop-ups around the city,” she said.

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Javier Rubio was inspired by his daughter to open a boba tea business four years ago.

“We lived in California for a few years. Over there, boba teas are very popular. When we moved back to El Paso, we couldn’t find a really good boba shop,” he said.

The family’s Formula food truck has been so successful at two Westside farmer’s markets that they recently opened a kiosk at Cielo Vista Mall.

While the kiosk doesn’t offer boba, it does specialize in taiyaki kurimi, an open-mouthed fish waffle filled with Nutella or cheesecake and ice cream sold only at the Cielo Vista location.

“Every week, my wife makes different ice cream flavors such as macha, taro, etc.,” Rubio said.

El Rey Del Taco

El Rey del Taco owner Robert Tovar II has been serving up California-style tacos, burritos, asada fries and lots more since 1993. 

His recipes originate from his father who together with the family worked in the food truck business in Los Angeles before moving to the borderland. 

Tovar first set up in Anthony just outside El Paso's city limits before moving to his current site on his property in Chaparral, New Mexico. 

"We get people who come in from all over El Paso and even Truth or Consequences to try our food," Tovar said. 

Joseph Wang, the food truck's manager, said the family hopes to expand as a restaurant. 

“We are flexible with what we of- fer and take requests for made-to-order entrees,” Wang said, adding that the veteran-owned and operated food truck also offers catering.


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