World Class Driving in Las Vegas is the world’s most thrilling supercar playground, home to 20 of the most stunning exotic racecars on the planet, including the latest models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Nissan and more.

When you join them for one of their wildly popular supercar tours in Las Vegas, you’ll personally pilot a selection of high performance cars from their meticulously maintained fleet on the most scenic roads the area offers.

Upon arrival, we were given a mandatory professional briefing and overview of each car we’d be driving. Safety is the No. 1-priority at World Class Driving. The crew selects the line-up each morning after they run their inspections.

Typically they include the stylish and neck-snapping Ferrari 458 Italia, the Lamborghini Gallardo (a beast) and the heart-stopping Nissan Track Edition GTR, all late models. An added extra for our adventure was a lusty Audi R8. That’s $700,000 worth of cars!

Then it was off to Lake Mead Recreational Park in a single file, with Warren, a very cool and competent leader, in front, keeping in touch with us by radio and backed up by another top professional driver in the rear as a shepherd. These two men easily built our confidence and we entered the park rarin’ to go.

You get to drive each of the cars on the four-car, 50-mile excursion that lasts about three hours. The route for this scenic Lake Las Vegas and Lake Mead National Recreational Area Experience – TripAdvisor’s No. 1 driving attraction in Las Vegas – takes you through wild desert terrain and raw dramatic wilderness that is spellbinding.

But with both eyes on the road ahead and both hands on the wheels, we concentrated on handling the unbridled power of the cars. What a blast.

These supercars can move and accelerate quickly and gracefully. It was quite a thrill to handle these works of automotive art. All too soon we headed back to a staging area for a van ride back to our hotels or our slow-pokey personal cars. We were pumped and on a real high.

It is evident that the company’s passion for sharing exciting racing with their clients is authentic. The tariff for two of us was $799 per driver and worth every jaw-dropping moment. The three-car, 90-minute experience is just $499 per driver.

World Class has other offerings we want to try like the Red Rock Muscle Car Experience, featuring a Shelby GT500, the Challenger SRT8 and Corvette Z06. This is an absolute must for the car enthusiast, rewarding and fun. Get out of the casino and into their beautiful, powerful cars, you’ll be a winner every time.

World Class Driving

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