Prime ‘80’z Xperience

The popular 80s tribute band, Prime ‘80’z Xperience, will have audiences rocking their spandex,

neon colors and Aqua Net memories at McKelligon Canyon on Aug. 26.

Live music has been rocking McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater during the 10th anniversary season of Cool Canyon Nights this summer, but the series is winding down in the coming weeks.

The concert series runs  Thursdays through Sept. 2 with local bands performing on the venue’s patio and main stages.

Every week, El Paso Inc. has been helping readers get to know the artists performing on the main stage.

This week, the summer concert series features Prime 80’z Xperience on the main stage, with Felino Fox performing on the patio.


Prime 80’z Xperience

Prime 80'z Xperience is an ’80s tribute band that plays retro dance hits and some ‘70s-era songs. The band bring the ‘80s back to life with costumes, props and an exciting stage show that incorporates audience interaction with sing-alongs, dancing and playing along with the band. 

The band was established in 2014 and has performed around the city at Al Fresco Fridays, Dancing in the City, That ‘80s Party for KISS FM, Freedom Crossing, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Gala, Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino and the El Paso Chihuahuas ‘80s night.




What are you looking forward to during your performance at Cool Canyon Nights? 

We love performing at the Cool Canyon Nights. The unique stage surrounded by the mountains make it a very special experience for us. The audience is always high energy and very responsive at these shows.

Meeting the people who attend this event is our greatest joy when we perform.


What should the audience expect a Prime 80’z Xperience performance?

Our show will always leave the audience re-living the great ‘80s era and hopefully bring back some awesome memories.

How does it feel return to performing in front of live audiences again after COVID-19?

Performing again after the hardships that all have experienced over the last year has made us more grateful and appreciative of this opportunity to perform for the people of El Paso. We dedicate our performance to all the healthcare workers who have sacrificed and given of themselves through this difficult time. They are the true heroes.


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