Felipe Esparza

Comedian Felipe Esparza’s stand-up special ‘Translate This’ is available on HBO platforms while ‘Bad Decisions’ recently premiered on Netflix. 

Comedian Felipe Esparza, whose stand-up specials are on Netflix and HBO, is bringing his bilingual comedy show to El Paso in March.

Esparza will perform a drive-in style show at the El Paso County Coliseum parking lot on Saturday, March 6. The audience will be able to listen to Esparza live through FM radio and is welcome to take lawn chairs and sit outside in their designated parking space.

Growing up in the Boyle Heights neighborhood in East Los Angeles, Esparza in his online biography states he was a teenage father with a drug and alcohol problem who wanted to be a stand-up comedian after connecting with an old Bill Cosby album when he was young.

In 2010, he entered NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and won; and later went on to sell out live comedy shows across the country. He opened for fellow comedians Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias and Paul Rodriguez, and later produced his Netflix special “They’re Not Gonna Laugh at You.”

Esparza’s newest stand-up special, “Translate This,” recently premiered on HBO and now “Bad Decisions” is showing on Netflix. He also has recurring appearances on “Superstore” and “The Eric Andre Show.”

Aside from touring, Esparza hosts a weekly podcast, “What’s Up, Fool?” on the All Things Comedy Network. He’s developing a sitcom with fellow comedian Dustin Ybarra and writers Bobby Bowman and Peter Murrietta for FOX where he and Ybarra will play brothers, his biography states. Esparza and his wife are also developing a sitcom based on their marriage.


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