It’s been a minute since borderland residents spent the day at a museum. After a year of temporary closures, El Paso Museum of Art and the El Paso Museum of History are open to the public.

“While we have continued to serve our constituency through virtual projects over the course of the last year, we are thrilled to once again open our doors to the community and look forward to seeing the community in our galleries,” said Dr. Vladimir von Tsurikov, director at the El Paso Museum of Art and El Paso Museum of History.

Below are six presentations that explore significant moments in history and share insight on cultural topics.

El Paso Museum of History

1. Low & Slow: Lowrider Culture on the Border

Cruise down memory lane with EPMH’s “Low & Slow: Lowrider Culture on the Border” exhibit. Walk past vibrant cars, bikes, and motorcycles, see their custom airbrushed art, and take in the colorful paintings that were once pillar murals at Lincoln Park.

2. Resilience: Remembering August 3rd

EPMH pays tribute to the 23 victims of the Aug. 3, 2019, Walmart massacre with this touching exhibition. Now a part of the permanent collection, “Resilience: Remembering August 3” shares the story of the attack, photographs of victims, first responders, and residents, as well as monumented remnants and artifacts from the memorial site.

3. Neighborhoods & Shared Memories: Sunset Heights

On the second floor of EPMH is a one-of-a-kind exhibit highlighting one of El Paso’s first historic neighborhoods, Sunset Heights. Gain an understanding of the suburban area’s early days and its first generations. See how it’s evolved over the years, witness treasured objects in detail and discover what makes the area special.

El Paso Museum of Art

4. Art from the collection

Drawn to black-and-white photography? EPMA recently acquired a group of images shot by Brett Weston in the 1940s. The photos, which depict the artist’s signature abstract and flattened style, were taken at White Sands, New Mexico, and nearby areas, and are at EPMA through Dec. 19. “Papel Latinx” showcases Chicano artwork donated by Cheech Marin and Proper Printshop from their Art en Vino Series. The 12 giclée and serigraphy prints are created by local established and evolving artists and explore diverse cultures and themes.

5. Must see installations and sculptures

Make time to view EPMA’s colorful and playful installations and be wowed by the bold sculptures with powerful messages. Stimulate your creativity and watch history and culture come to life through the work of Leo Villareal, “Lightscape,” 2002; Andrea Bowers’ “Families Belong Together,” 2019; Luis Jimenez, “Sodbuster,” 1981; and Sebastian, “Torus Isotopico,” 2002.

6. Pottery exhibition in partnership with the El Paso Museum of Archeology

Did you know archaeologists use pottery to identify and classify cultures? According to EMPA, the Southwest is one of the most prolific pottery-producing regions in the world. Check out EMPA’s gallery of pottery collections, “Expressions in Clay: Pre-Columbian Pottery Types from the Southwest,” and see the awesome artifacts found under soil thousands of years ago. This exhibition is open through July 18.


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