Lurking Sun with sunglasses


Did you know the sun is a star and that El Paso is nicknamed the Sun City?

That makes El Paso a star city, too! We have more than 300 days of sunshine in one year, which makes us a great place to live, learn and play!

Here are more fun facts about the sun, provided by the NASA Science Space Place:

1.The sun is a star.

This makes it extremely important for life on Earth. The sun provides us with energy, which brings life on our planet. It defines the seasons, the harvests, and even the sleep patterns of all living creatures on Earth.

2.The sun is the closest star to our planet, which is why we see the sun so big and bright.

3. The Earth orbits around the sun.

4. The sun is way bigger than the Earth. The sun’s radius is more than 432,000 miles and the Earth’s radius is just under 4,000 miles.

5. It's hot!!

The sun’s average surface temperature is more than 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit! Compare that to the Earth’s average temperature, which is 68 degrees. The hottest it’s ever been in El Paso was 114 degrees in June 1994!

6. The sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth.

7. How old is the sun?

Can you imagine 4.5 billion years?

8. Like the Earth, the sun has layers. But unlike the Earth, the sun is entirely gaseous; there is no solid surface.

9. The sun rotates on its axis about once every 26 days.

10. The Sun changes

No matter when or where we look at the sun, we will always see something interesting. Scientists observe these changes by watching the sunspots, which increase and decrease about every 10 years.


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