Ready for the Rs

As the sometimes-virtual Republican National Convention kicks off on Monday, one person from El Paso will be there in real life.

Adolpho Telles is one of just six Texans attending the procedural portions of the convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. He just finished up his term as chair of the El Paso GOP.

The televised portions of the convention begin Monday evening with a televised, in-person roll call.

Telles was elected to the credentials committee of the Texas Republican party. He’ll spend the weekend checking credentials of delegates who are casting their convention ballots by email.

Texas usually sends about 600 people, but because of the pandemic, each state is only allowed to send six delegates. Also attending are Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, state party chair Allen West and three others.

Telles expects to be back home by Monday evening. “We are there to nominate the president and get him elected,” Telles said.

But don’t look for a Texas trademark during past conventions – delegates decked out in cowboy hats, wearing red, white and blue shirts with a star.

That’s not happening, and he doesn’t expect much media coverage of the convention’s procedural parts.

But still, “I’m very excited,” he said. “It’s an honor to be part of such a small group to represent the state of Texas.”

What time is it?

What’s the best time zone in America? Mountain time, of course. That’s the opinion of an Albuquerque native, Kyle Paoletta, writing in The New York Times Magazine. Except that we’d say it’s even better in El Paso.

Paoletta, who now lives in Massachusetts, says that living two hours behind the East Coast and one hour ahead of the West Coast, translates into a “feeling of freedom from the liabilities of membership in civil society.”

People in the Central time zone – that would include everybody else in Texas – are “forever ensnared in an unwinnable game of catch-up with the East Coast,” he writes.

What we have instead are mountains, sunsets and stars.

“Mountain time is governed less by minutes or days than by a metronomic knowledge that the landscape that overawes our funny little species predates us, and will outlast us, too.”

So now what time is it? Time for a walk outside.

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