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Maybe you’ve seen the television commercials or received one of the mailers with the upbeat message “Keep going. Stay strong. El Paso.”

The slickly produced pieces started showing up in mailboxes and on TV screens last month. They have messages like this, from the mailer: “For the last few years our leaders have been working hard to deliver a better tomorrow. But we still have work to do. We deserve more places to go and things to do and major events and entertainment, transforming El Paso into a destination city.”

Maybe you’ve wondered who or what the TV spots and fliers are promoting, and who is sponsoring the marketing campaign.

Well, that’s hard to tell. There’s no sponsoring group listed on the mailer, no “I approved this message” at the end of the TV spot – because they are not strictly political ads – and no ownership listed on the website, keepgoingstaystrong.com. But the timing, in the weeks before a national election, sure makes it feel political.

What we do know is that the ads were placed on area TV stations by Forma Group, an El Paso-based consulting firm that has worked in political campaigns.

The website is owned by a technology company called the Endurance International Group, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, which has an Austin office.

The return address on the mailers is a Postal Annex store on Redd Road.

Will the ads go away once the election is over? Will we find out who is sponsoring the messages that seem to support the incumbents? Stay tuned.

Taco news

Fans of Taco Tote may have noticed that the restaurant on North Mesa near UTEP is closed. That’s because the Mexico-based chain is working on a new location – in an undisclosed spot – that will feature a more upscale ambience. Or super fancy, you might say, like the one in Phoenix.

Talk to me

Talk radio – focused on local issues and with live local callers – returns to El Paso on Monday, Oct. 19. That’s when News Radio 690 KTSM AM debuts “Talk El Paso,” hosted by Andrew J. Polk, from 4-5 p.m. weekdays.

The plan is take all comers with live, local calls, plus interview local candidates during election season.

Got a Whisper?


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