Burgers to booze

It’s a great location, even if Blake’s Lotaburger didn’t last there long. But it looks like WB Liquors and Wine will be opening a store soon in the former burger place on Resler near North Mesa.

WB was founded 50 years ago in Texas and has about more than 50 locations, including a dozen in El Paso.

Blake’s, the New Mexico burger chain, still has two other locations in El Paso, at 12371 Edgemere and 7122 Gateway West. It was founded 65 years ago in New Mexico, where it now has more than 80 locations, and is famous for its green chile burger.

Sunset in a cup

Thanks to the nice folks at KLAQ radio and a local Starbucks, you can now get an El Paso sunset in a cup, sort of.

The idea started with KLAQ’s digital managing editor Emily Slape, who used to be known as Intern Emily.

Following a TikTok trend that challenges Starbucks baristas to make unusual, beautiful drinks, she asked the crew at the Airway Starbucks to make an El Paso sunset in a cup. And they did.

Modeling their drink after the fiery orange, pink and golden sunsets we’ve seen so often this winter, they mixed passion tea lemonade, peach juice and cold foam.

Looks pretty darn close, and Emily says it tastes good, too.

How sweet!

This is an unexpected honor. El Paso has been named one of the country’s sweetest cities for Valentine’s Day.

It’s based on which cities buy the most – and the least – candy before the romantic holiday. Well, we do like sweets.

According to Coupons.com, the top sweetest city is

Miami/Fort Lauderdale, and El Paso comes in at No. 2 among America’s sweetest cities.

The website says candy sales in Miami soar 104% in the weeks leading up to the holiday, compared to sales during the rest of 2020. Sweet sales in El Paso jump by 94%.

What cities landed at the bottom of the sweet list? Minot, North Dakota, which only saw a 14% increase in candy sales, and Idaho Falls, Idaho, at 20%.

This may or may not have anything to do with it, but February is still really cold in the Dakotas and Idaho.

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