Good taco news

Texas Monthly magazine picked a tasty dish made in a small El Paso restaurant as its Taco of the Week for Jan. 7. It’s the Pato al Pastor served at Elemi on North Kansas in Downtown.

The taco is made with duck, not pork, cooked on a mesquite-fired Japanese grill, and served on a corn tortilla with roasted pineapple slices and sweet onion. 

Elemi really is small, with just eight tables, and is owned by native El Pasoans Kristal and Emiliano Marentes. It also serves agave spirits and sotol.

Texas Monthly writer José R. Ralat says Elemi “offers a sense of home and connection to the past in a most creative way.” FYI: Pato means duck. Salud!


We’re happy to report that a native El Pasoan is among those honored by Hart Energy as one of its 2020 Energy Innovators.

He is Allen Gilmer, who helped found Drillinginfo 20 years ago. The company, now named Enverus, broke new ground by offering online info and analytical tools for the oil and gas industry.

Gilmer has a master’s in geology from UTEP and was named a Distinguished Alumni in 2017. He’s made gifts totaling more than $1 million to the university.

Gilmer is also putting money into film and documentary production. He is executive producer of a movie called “Death in Texas” starring Bruce Dern, Ronnie Blevins and Laura Flynn Boyle.

Hart Energy provides media, research and data for the energy industry around the globe.

Keep on truckin’

We hear that Stagecoach Cartage, the local trucking and distribution company that was purchased by Roadrunner Transportation Systems, is up for sale. 

In 2015, Roadrunner paid $35 million for Stagecoach, which became one of its eight divisions. Now Roadrunner is trying to offload some of those divisions as part of a corporate restructuring. Last month, Roadrunner’s president announced he is leaving. 

Stagecoach was started in El Paso by the late John McLaughlin in 1986. His son, Scott McLaughlin, was president and part owner of the company when it was sold.

Roadrunner is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (RRTS). Its stock closed Friday at $8. About a year ago, it was selling in the $18 range.

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