Aaron Jones cereal

"Aaron Jones Touchdown Squares" cereal is sold at plbse.com.

Literarity love

Literarity Book Shop, the locally owned bookstore in West El Paso, is third on the list of 10 great independent bookstores in the state put together by AAA Texas.

Bill and Mary Anna Clark opened Literarity three years ago, full of books they’d been stockpiling for years. The shop also offers new releases, collectible editions and a growing and impressive treasure trove of books by local and regional authors. 

And they sell T-shirts that read “Open books, open minds.”


In addition to lots of touchdowns and extremely cool shades, Aaron Jones now has his own breakfast cereal. The Green Bay Packers’ TD generator and former UTEP star is pictured on boxes of cereal called “Aaron Jones Touchdown Squares,” described as toasty sweet cinnamon squares. The cereal isn’t available in El Paso, at least not yet. 

All Hands

Handgards Inc., the private El Paso company that makes disposable safety products including gloves and bags for the food service industry, has a new owner. It is Wind Point Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm.

Handgards has almost 300 employees. It’s been in business for more than 60 years, and came to El Paso in 1973.

We’re No. 2!

El Paso has been named the second-best city in the United States for home-based businesses, according to JustBusiness.com. That’s a new website that says it’s an unbiased source of information for small business owners.

El Paso made the list because of its low home prices, low effective median income tax rates, and minimal costs of running an LLC.

McAllen comes in at No. 1 and San Antonio at No. 14.

The site says internet download speeds in Texas are higher than other top-ranking states on the list, including Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma and Ohio.

Sonic silver

We’re happy to report that the team at the Sonic drive-in at 9505 Socorro Road is rated as one of the top three in the country.

They won the silver medal in the annual Dr Pepper Sonic Games. Teams competed in front of a panel of judges that traveled the country on a two-week bus tour. The teams were graded on their operations, service and overall guest experience.

Let’s go get Cherry Limeades!

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