We’re happy to report that Chope’s, the legendary bar and restaurant in La Mesa, New Mexico, is open again. Or at least the bar part of it is.

Chope’s Bar opened on Friday, Oct. 8, and the owners plan to reopen Chope’s Cafe in the next few weeks.

The family-owned restaurant was founded in 1915 by Jose “Chope” Lupe Benavidez and it’s still run by relatives. 

Did you know that Chope’s is listed on the National Register of Historic Places? We hope that means they can’t change anything, including the recipes for chile rellenos and margaritas.

Air ribs

Speaking of food, you can now ship tasty Texas barbeque from the State Line restaurant on Sunland Park Drive to BBQ-deprived friends across the country.

The slow-smoked meats are frozen and vacuum-packed to seal in natural juices and flavors. 

County Line’s operations director says Air Ribs orders coming in from across the country have doubled this year.

And if you’ve ever wondered, yes, the State Line in El Paso is part of the County Line BBQ empire of restaurants you can find across Texas, and there’s one in Albuquerque.


El Paso seems to be in the middle of a restaurant revival, with lots of new local and out-of-town eateries popping up across the city. Maybe you’ve noticed new seafood, vegan, Cuban, crepes, noodles, and of course, Mexican, restaurants in the area. 

All that growth lands El Paso in just about the middle of a new list of the best foodie cities in the United States. 

According to the financial matters website, El Paso is No. 88 out of 182 metro areas. Their data compared cost of groceries to affordability and accessibility of high-quality restaurants to food festivals per capita.

Run, Kevin, run

Longtime KVIA-TV general manager Kevin Lovell is in the middle of a whirlwind weekend. 

On Saturday, Oct. 9, he’ll be at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas shooting KVIA sideline video of the Texas-OU game, also known as the Red River Showdown, for the 18th year. Way back in 1980, Lovell started his KVIA career as a sportscaster.

Then on Sunday morning, Oct. 10, he’ll board a plane for Boston to run his second Boston Marathon on Monday. Good luck, Lovell!

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