El Paso, she wrote

Jazmine Ulloa, a Burges High School grad and a national political reporter for the Boston Globe, is writing a book about El Paso.

Titled “Somewhere in Between,” it’s a narrative history of El Paso told through the stories of five families that crossed through or made our legendary border town their home over the last 100 years.

Ulloa says the book will explore “race and immigration, identity, belonging, and the power of myth from the place that made me, El Paso, Texas.”

Honoring MLK Jr.

El Paso advertising legend Bob Wingo was in Washington, D.C. last week for the tenth anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

Wingo was very involved in raising funds for the magnificent memorial right here in El Paso. If you visit, you’ll see his name carved on the dedication wall.

Is it on or no?

Perhaps you’ve heard the rumor that Amazon may or may not put a new facility in Northwest El Paso, near Interstate 10 and Artcraft.

It’s looking like it will happen, since the contract to build the facility has been let to El Paso-based Jordan Foster Construction.

There’s also talk that Amazon may put up a building in Northeast El Paso, in addition to the humongous 625,000-square-foot complex that’s expected to open soon in far East El Paso. They’ve already hired more than 200 people for that location, with more to go.

A real graveyard shift

Add this to your list of local ghost stories. El Paso Water reports that Ruben Montes, a superintendent at the Robertson/Umbenhauer Water Treatment Plant on Canal Street, says there are ghosts at the historic plant.

One of them is thought to be Armando, who worked there years and years ago and never missed a day. Until the day he had a heart attack. But other workers said they saw him at the plant that very day.

Today, when something happens at the plant they can’t explain, Montes says they just blame it on the ghost.

What a climber

Amidst all the commercial construction in the Cimarron area of Northwest El Paso, there’s multi-story steel structure going up. What the heck is it? We hear it’s going to be a climbing wall gym. Watch your feet!

Got a Whisper?


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