Such a gift

Anne Hussmann Mitchell, who runs the Kern Place store named So El Paso, got to tell the story of her business and her hometown during an industry convention.

Speaking via Zoom to this year’s meeting of the National Gift Basket Convention, Mitchell explained how she uses private brands to manufacture El Paso-themed items that go into her gift baskets. She makes lots of gift baskets, for individuals and corporate customers, and is expanding into the national market.

Her So El Paso food and gift items include salsas, T-shirts, masks and taco-patterned socks. One of her best sellers: bacon jalapeño jam.

Beyoncé music, man

We’re happy report that a song by El Paso’s own Khalid made it onto the summer listening list of former President Barack Obama.

The song is a remix of Khalid’s hit titled “Know Your Worth,” performed along with an electric music duo called Disclosure and produced by Beyoncé.

Obama’s list is eclectic, from Bob Dylan and Jennifer Hudson to Billie Eilish and Otis Redding. Some of the artists performed at the Democratic National Convention.

El Paso in D.C.

Adolpho Telles was seated on the White House lawn Thursday night, listening to President Donald Trump accept the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Telles, the former chair of the El Paso County GOP, was in about the 12th row, he said. It was a hot and humid night in D.C., so his shirt was soaking wet. 

Security at the White House was tight, Telles said. The name on his ID and on his invitation didn’t quite match – one had his middle name, one didn’t – so he wasn’t allowed to enter at first. But it was processed the right way and he got in, he said.

Telles lined up outside the White House at about 6:30 p.m. with a small group of Texas Republicans. They got back to their hotel well after 1:30 a.m.

He said he really enjoyed the personal stories told by the non-politicians who spoke. It was an emotional experience, he said.


Sounds like just what we need this summer: six new flavors of margaritas at Taco Cabana: Green Apple, Pineapple Chamoy, Tamarindo, Spicy Guava, Sangria and Strawberry Mango.

They’re available at the drive-through window or for curbside pickup. Who’s hungry and thirsty?

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