We hear that Amy O’Rourke, wife of Senate candidate and El Paso’s U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, has left Stanton Street. That’s the technology and website development firm founded by Beto and some buddies in 1999.

The new owner is CEO Brian Wancho, who’s been with the company since the beginning, and is also a top-notch professional photographer.

The change allows Amy O. to spend more time on the campaign trail with Beto O., as he tries to unseat Ted Cruz in the U.S. Senate come the 2018 elections.


Richarda Momsen, who’s worked for the city of El Paso for 30 years, is retiring. For 15 of those years, she’s been city clerk, keeping track of City Council votes and motions.

Her office is the city’s official record keeper for many things, including elections. She also oversees the operations of the municipal courts. Right now, her staff is validating signatures on the petition to put a historic district measure before City Council.

It’s a big job, and she’s managed it for years without incident or controversy. Her last day is June 15. She politely declined to be interviewed, but when asked why she’s retiring now, she said, “You know, you just know.”

Building news

Where there was once a gas station at the corner of North Mesa and Balboa, there may soon be another CVS pharmacy. But not a Village Inn, but maybe a Howdy’s.

School news

Schreiner University, a small, mostly liberal arts school in Kerrville, Texas, is opening what it calls a learning community in El Paso on July 15.

Starting this fall, about 25 students will study at Schreiner’s El Paso center at 10801 Gateway East.

The school says students can save money by living at home while earning 30 hours of college credit during their freshman year, with some courses taught by a faculty member and some online. They’re expected to study in Kerrville for the next three years. Grants and awards are available.

Schreiner, with about 1,200 students, was founded in 1923 by Capt. Charles Schreiner and the Presbyterian Church. It’s also opening learning communities in Brownsville and Mission, Texas.

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