Have you fallen down a coronavirus rabbit hole a time or two? You have to be careful, as there is a minefield of conspiracy theories and false information awaiting you.

You’re not likely to venture far without tripping a wire. Behind the scenes a savvy and aggressive enemy is stalking you.

Carnegie Mellon University recently reported that 45% of the more than 200 million coronavirus tweets were likely generated by bots, or robotized accounts.

What does this mean? Someone is using technology to inundate you with false messages hoping one of them sticks or at least casts doubt on the truth.

We bite and help push the false narrative further, wider. Misinformation is more contagious than COVID-19. Why do we eat it up?

One of the more sensational examples is “Plandemic,” a YouTube video that went viral earlier this month. It was a documentary-style production claiming that – and explaining how – the coronavirus has been engineered for profit and power.

It doesn’t matter that the video’s myths have been discredited and debunked, or that Facebook and YouTube have taken it down. It has amassed a digital audience that far outpaced a Taylor Swift documentary. Taylor Swift!

“Plandemic’s” antagonist is Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical industry) and encourages the theory that Big Pharma creates diseases to cure them in order to get rich. If you chase this line down the rabbit hole eventually you’ll find an argument that Big Pharma owns the CDC, they are owned by Bill Gates and he owns the World Health Organization. Or something like that.

The quadfecta is that Big Pharma also own and controls the mainstream media, which is why the truth never gets covered.

What a relief! And here I was freaking out because I keep reading story after story of the media’s free fall. Never mind endless reports on layoffs, furloughs and tragic closures. I guess I shouldn’t worry. Big Pharma will bail us out.

Or is that part of the master plan? Control the media and let it die! Bwahaha. Or is there a vaccine coming for that, too?

If you are a leading news outlet and successfully growing your reader-generated revenue (New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal), then odds are you would love nothing more than to break today’s biggest story, garner prestigious awards and change the course of history. Can you imagine what outing those responsible for the coronavirus would do for subscription rates?

They are calling it a coronavirus infodemic – too much information, hard to discern the good from bad because it’s mixed together. Heck, there’s an infodemic just on the conspiracy theories and scams. There’s so much of it that organizations are popping up with the sole purpose of helping to debunk, fact check and identify scams and fake news.

Let me save you a lot of time. There are a whole bunch of hard-working news folks that are doing the work for you. So stop getting your information from your friends and stop pushing it on them, too. Get your news directly from trusted news sources – a few varieties for a little diversity – and you’ll cut through the majority of this nonsense. Let others do the same. They don’t need to be woke by you. If everyone did that, we’d have a little better perspective.


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