Two things: 1) nominations are now open for the 2019 Women of Impact and 2) with Mother’s Day in mind, I offer you some nuggets of wisdom provided by some of our previous 48 honorees.

El Paso Inc. began the Woman of Impact awards in 2010 to recognize outstanding El Paso women who have made a significant impact on the local community. It has been an honor to get to know these women and their remarkable contributions to El Paso. So I thought it appropriate to tap some of these leaders, trailblazers and mentors for some Mother’s Day advice. Here you go:

“No one cares what you wear, they only care what they wear,” says Adair Margo.

Man, I could have used that earlier.

“Just because you went swimming today does not mean you took a bath,” says Cindi Aboud. This applies in literal and metamorphic contexts, and is a good segue to Andrea Gates-Ingle’s advice, “Have a sense of humor.”

Andrea also recommends you carry baby wipes at all times. So true! I’d add some ibuprofen. It’s lovely to help someone out of a headache, even if for a moment.

Stephanie Karr says, “Encourage creativity!” and Mica Short encourages her kids to “find the kid who is alone and invite them to play.”

Sally Hurt-Deitch adds, “ALWAYS be yourself, don’t ever let anyone try to change who you are. LOVE yourself, because God created you as perfection.”

Thank you, Sally. I don’t always feel perfect, especially when it comes to parenting. But Judy Robison puts it in perspective: “Babies are wonderful. … Teens are trying, but they’re only testing your true love for them.”

Those big kids are tough. Kathrin Berg advises hers to “tell me the truth and I can have your back. But if I don’t know what’s going on, then you are on your own.”

Going back to Judy, if you survive those teen years, then “they turn into beautiful young adults and THEN, they give you grandchildren. Life is Good.”

A caveat though, “Don’t ever make your husband choose between you and his mother; he will always choose his mother. Instead, win her over and you will have his eternal love and devotion,” according to Rosemary Marin, whose mom gave her that advice.

Mary Kipp’s mom “didn’t give advice; she lived by example.” From her intellectual curiosity to unconditional kindness without judgment, Mary says her mom taught her to simply enjoy every day on this Earth.

Cindy Ramos-Davidson tells her daughter, “ ‘No’ is not part of your vocabulary but ‘how’ is. So don’t give up. Just go conquer the world!”

But before you speak, ask three questions says Debbie Hand: “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”

That third question is key.

“As a daughter, we learn important lessons from our mother that we often disregard or underappreciate until becoming a mother our self,” says Joyce Wilson. “Those lessons are equally important to leadership roles in our career and civic life.”

On this Mother’s Day, Joyce says we should reflect and pay tribute to the first real leader we knew and in all likelihood did not value until much later in life.

Joyce is right, and I’ve been reminded about that this year. More than ever, I’m grateful to spend Sunday with my own wonderful mom who is always my voice of reason.

Do you know of a woman who should be included among our honorees? To nominate a Woman of Impact for this year’s event, please visit Happy Mother’s Day!


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