This week’s newspaper came together amidst tall stacks of boxes, piles and piles of paper and many overloaded bins headed to the shredder or recycler.

El Paso Inc. is relocating following last fall’s sale of our Porfirio Diaz building. Moving day is finally here.

We’re a paper-driven business and have been accumulating it – and a lot of other stuff – in this office for more than 20 years. To empty it is no easy task, even during the best of weeks under perfect circumstances. Add to that that our new location is not yet available and then compound it with coronavirus challenges. The hurdles seem to be getting higher by the day.

Our mission is to serve as a source of intelligence for the business and professional community to help the city realize its potential. Our priority remains publishing a printed newspaper with quality news that delivers on that mission. We have no plans to interrupt that. God willing, subscribers and advertisers don’t either. We’re optimistic and encouraged by the calls from supporters. (“Please tell me you haven’t shut down. I need my Inc.!”)

Production and delivery of the newspaper should be seamless.

Behind the scenes, our set up is not as ideal. Most of the workforce is operating remotely as we try to get everyone we can home. We put some of it to the test last week to accelerate social distancing.

But the biggest challenge so far is the business phone system. We anticipate some disruption in service and want to let you know how to reach us if you can’t get through the main number.

For the next few weeks, the easiest way to get to individual staff is by email. The email addresses are listed on page 3, and also on our website at If you’re not sure whom to reach, the main email is and it’s closely monitored.

The sales representatives publish their cell phone numbers on these contact pages and, if needed, we will list alternative phone numbers for other staff through this transition.

For the next few weeks we will also not have a working front office where you would be able to stop in to see us. Considering the latest CDC recommendations to avoid contact as much as possible, this seems like a minor problem right now.

It is a strange time. The anxiety across the community is palpable. We have an important role to play to keep you informed and help our local economy as we can.

Online we are posting the latest updates on virus-related news both locally and beyond. We have removed them from the paywall as a community service. For the print edition we are hard at work finding stories important to you and asking deeper questions. And let us not forget there might be a story or two that have nothing to do with the coronavirus.

If you have any good tips or a story you wish someone would look into, let us know:

As for our new location, we’ll announce the new address once we’re moved in, reassembled and ready to greet you.


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