In the run-up to the election, comments from some of my eight siblings became so distressing that I blocked them on email, telephone, text and social media. All but two live in California, and three came out of Cal Berkeley, which probably explains a lot.

I did that because I didn’t need any more stress in my life. Wife Ellie was concerned that with COVID stress eating, I might get to 270 before Joe Biden. But now that the election is over, it’s time to unblock the brothers and sisters who were banned. Here’s what I plan to tell them.

Dear sibs:

You may be aware that I blocked communication with you about the time early voting started. The reason was that I found your continual and unrelenting disparaging of Trump upsetting.

I get why Trump lost, and it certainly should be no surprise to anyone. He was bullheaded and dishonest, kept his own counsel if he kept any and habitually ignored and belittled some of the best minds in the country – on medical, military and intelligence matters. He also came up short in denouncing right-wing racists and extremists.

In truth, people had to swallow a lot to support Trump. So, you ask, why did I find your continued harping on the man so distressing?

Here’s why. Your visceral hatred of Trump (pardon the expression) trumped everything. Whatever he did, you found reason to disparage. You hated – really hated – him. You failed to see anything positive in anything – anything – that he did. And you ignore the reasons that brought him to power in the first place, like fear of a progressive takeover.

More on that in a moment but for all of Trump’s faults, he did some things many people agree with. And almost half of the country still supports him, personality defects and all.

Here are a few things he got right that you ignore:

Foreign policy: He took on China, NAFTA, North Korea, Iran and our lopsided underwriting of NATO. China is probably the most important. He called out China for decades of abusing the world’s generosity in trade and investment while stealing intellectual property and seeking world economic domination. Other countries privately approved when Trump went after China, but they remain quiet, unwilling to risk their own trade and investments. North Korea is never going to give up its nukes but at least Trump got rocket man to stop testing.

The “border wall”: Trump critics loathe those words but most Americans think there should be some control over people coming into this country. To do otherwise is like propping your front door open and going on vacation. There were huge blunders to be sure – like losing the kids. But no less a personality than former Democratic Rep. Silvestre Reyes, an occasional Nancy Pelosi consultant, acknowledges he put up a human wall with his Border Patrol operation Hold the Line – a move that catapulted him to Congress. Ask any Border Patrol officer in El Paso and he or she will tell you barriers are absolutely necessary.

The Economy: Trump jump-started the economy with a pro-growth, pro-investment agenda. Among many other things, he rolled back burdensome parts of Dodd-Frank that were retarding loans and he cut taxes. The result was record setting low unemployment and the highest equity market ever. As one friend put it, “My 401-K has doubled since Orange Guy came to power.”

There is much more but I blocked you because you couldn’t acknowledge any of these issues.

As this was written, and barring some unexpected, unlikely and bizarre court decision, it appears Joe Biden will be in the White House. You may gloat, but you hardly got the landslide of repudiation that you expected. Still, it is time for us to get on with our lives (and for me to unblock you).

Let’s hope Biden pays more attention to his party’s mainstream than either Trump or Obama. People in the center of both parties are not people that demonstrate or trash their communities. But in the end, and much to the dismay of the uber-progressives, they are the voters that ultimately choose the leadership.

If Biden lets the super-woke take over with their un-fundable calls for Medicare for all, free college and the Green New Deal, the divisions will continue and we will face another divisive and bitter election four years from now. I believe the support Trump received, which stunned so many Democrats, was less a vote for him than it was out of fear of what might happen if the hard left gets its way.

Let’s hope Joe Biden gets it and lives up to his promise of being a president for all of America.


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All of the " things he got right that you ignore" are arguable. Maybe your siblings are not ignoring those things. Maybe they have a different opinion.


Mr. Fenton, everything you said was so true. My friends on the left only voted with one goal: Anybody not named Trump gets the vote. Most knew nothing of the platforms, the agendas being touted, all they knew is they hated Trump. In the end Trump delivered, he did or tried to do all that he said he was going to do and he did it alone. To me, his legacy is he exposed the left, he forced them to show who they really are and we have found out it is not pretty.


You summed up my feelings plus my siblings agree with your opinion as well. Both of my brothers still live in Michigan. All three of us were raised by strongly conservative parents who died not understanding why their three children voted democratic until Trump came along. We didn’t like various personality traits of our President but the three of us voted on our values and the promises made and kept.

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