Track One El Paso

Track One El Paso

For 47 years, generations of El Pasoans looking for delicious bar food, including mouth-watering wings and hearty nachos, have taken a ride with Track One.

“We’re so blessed by the great people of El Paso,” co-owner Lolly McDermott says.

Between Lolly and her husband, Ken McDermott, Track One has grown and flourished since the purchase in 1989. They’ve been its longest tenured owners.

The experience of dining in one of three vintage train cars – where countless patrons have made life memories – has given Track One “first-stop status.”

“We’re unique, and add to that the consistency of our food – taste wings at other places, it’s just not the same,” McDermott says.

Most aficionados go with the Double Dipped wings – a tasty combination of honey and hot sauce.

Track One’s wings consistently win Best of the Best year in and year out.

The surprise win came in the hotly-contested category of Best Nachos.

“We always hear that people like our nachos. There’s a lot of competition for that title here in El Paso, and the nachos deserve it,” McDermott says.

From the fresh pico de gallo to fresh beans and toppings, Track One’s nachos are prepared with a lot of care.

“We’re really proud of all three categories and grateful to our employees and the people of El Paso. To be able to say we’re part of the community is the best,” McDermott says.

“In light of everything the city has gone through these past few weeks, there’s no words. We’ve been part of the Cielo Vista-area for so long. We never thought Track One would be what it is. It’s a place where generations have come, people have gone on their first date ... If these walls could talk.”

1330 Robert E. Lee,  915-779-2170;; @Trackoneelpaso on Facebook



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