Public Art Across El Paso

If you’ve ever been at a stop in Downtown El Paso you may have caught a glimpse of some desert flowers, alligators and even some vitroleros of aguas frescas in unusual places.

From boxcars to cinderblocks to adobe, walls offer a blank canvas for artists looking to express themselves.

One of the city’s lesser-known marvels is the Bataan Memorial Trainway, a train corridor than runs six blocks under Downtown El Paso streets.

Much of the city’s public art stands tall and grand, reminding us to stand back and look up to truly enjoy its beauty.

This month, Art Spot showcases, among others, a piece that pays homage to a prominent figure in El Paso’s history and another piece that shows promise in its future.

With photos by El Paso Inc. photographer Jorge Salgado, Art Spot showcases some of the city’s visual art pieces – murals, sculptures and other installations that add vibrancy, creativity and culture to our community.

Whether they’re borderland legends or complete strangers, the faces on murals across the city reveal our happiness, our fears, our spirit.

At the heart of the city is the Segundo Barrio / Downtown area – and at the heart of those neighborhoods are the colorful murals that have long depicted our cultura, our familias and our historia.

What better spots for public art than the city’s public spaces where you go to play, read, swim and learn. This month’s Art Spot takes us to parks and libraries across the city.

You don’t need to wait for the Fourth of July to see colorful lights against the El Paso night – just check out some public art.

Our next installment of Art Spot takes us to Central El Paso and the El Paso Zoo, where the visual art pieces – murals, sculptures and other installations – add vibrancy to our community.

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