Anybody who’s been to a professional soccer game – or watched one on TV – can attest that half the fun is being in the presence of die-hard fans. 

Which is why the El Paso Locomotive FC deserves the 8th Notch fan club. 

El Paso’s United Soccer League team, which is in its inaugural season, attracted more than 8,300 fans on opening night in March, and some of that is owed to the rowdy enthusiasm of 8th Notch. 

President Louis Cepeda tells us about it.


Q: In a nutshell, what is the 8th Notch club all about?

8th Notch is just a group of passionate soccer fans who are willing to cheer on the team and always stand beside them at every match. Simple as that.


Q: Where does the name 8th Notch come from?

It’s the highest gear of acceleration on a locomotive, so when it’s at eighth notch, that means the train is going full throttle. And that’s how we like to think of ourselves; we’re always full throttle, going as hard as we can for the team for the entire 90 minutes.


Q: What’s your ritual for attending the games? 

Every home game, we have a pre-match party at Whiskey Blonde. The doors of the bar open around 2 p.m. An hour and a half before kickoff, we start a march to the stadium. We go down San Antonio Avenue, up the bridge, around the stadium with our drums, chants, banners and flags. Once we get to the stadium, there’s practically nonstop chanting for the duration of the match.

Q: How did 8th Notch get started?

Originally there were two groups: The Bridgetown Brigade and the Six Shooters, which was the group I was in. We all decided that it made more sense to all be one and have one voice. When you hear the chants at the stadium, instead of conflicting chants, we all sound louder together.


Q: What are the requirements to join 8th Notch?

 There are no requirements or auditions to get into the club. We’re just a united group of people who bond over the love of the game. We stress inclusiveness – that’s our mission statement. Just be loud and fun.


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