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Increases in commercial and industrial property values usually lead the way when the El Paso Central Appraisal District releases new certified valuations in July, but this year it’s the modest 2.9% increase in home values.

El Paso’s Downtown is home to a treasure trove of important, historic architecture, much of it designed by one man – Henry C. Trost. Read more

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One of the late John Birkhead’s most dedicated friends through the years has been Phillip Duncan, a 1961 graduate at Burges High School who was on the track team when Birkhead was head track coach and an assistant football coach under Bill Bookout.

This is a continuation of the discussion of our housing bubble, the debt crisis and global developments as they change the long-term direction of our economy. The column is by David B. Prilliman, who is a principal with Professional Investment Counsel Inc. in El Paso.


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