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He is a legendary president of Mexico: Benito Juárez, who rose from poverty to lead the nation during difficult times. Now a bronze sculpture portraying him as a child and as a man is in the works by renowned artist Ethan Houser. Read more

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led many companies through a growing period, and one of the silver linings from this season has been the creation and troubleshooting of remote-work infrastructure. Many companies have looked into remote work in the past, but the shelter-in-place requirements that m…

El Paso is an excellent community. It’s vibrant, diverse, unassuming, quietly proud of its history and optimistic about its future. El Paso is authentic, offering a warm welcome to visitors and to those who choose to make the city their home.

On Friday, El Paso Inc. will open up the vote for Best of El Paso and I am asking each of you to participate. Please cast a ballot.

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