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The streets of Downtown are quiet after six months of coronavirus-related closures and restrictions, but business owners remain hopeful and optimistic about the future, according to a new survey that will be released later this week. Read more

He was an author, soldier, historian, reporter, civic activist and community leader. He helped organize the El Paso Boys Club and local historical societies. He wrote about the Tigua Indians and helped build the statue of Cristo Rey. Read more

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Elizabeth Cuthrell, a Manhattan-based film producer, used to work in an ergonomic office space: comfortable desk chair, monitor at eye level, external keyboard. Then came COVID-19. During stay-at-home she worked on a laptop from a wicker chair, or sometimes on a couch with “cushions like mar…

It’s not surprising that manufacturers in this region, one of the largest industrial centers on the border, buy a lot from suppliers: $39 billion worth every year by one estimate.

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