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Many New Mexicans can trace their family histories back for centuries. Karl Laumbach is one of them. An archaeologist and researcher, Laumbach has family stories to tell that are tied to hundreds of years of historic events in El Paso and southern New Mexico. Read more

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As a labor of love, I am the chairman of a nonprofit that raises money to support educational programs for schoolchildren in the border region. We recently had a board meeting to approve our 2021 budget that reinforced how difficult planning is during the COVID pandemic.

A Downtown law firm and a handful of arena supporters are misleading Downtown property owners, and the public, regarding an El Paso County effort to support redevelopment efforts in our community through a proposed federal Downtown Historic District.

Last week, a historic winter storm swept across Texas, piling on snow, plunging several cities into record-breaking low temperatures and disrupting utility service. For many of those living in the Lone Star State, this has meant being without essential utilities in addition to freezing tempe…

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